Premiere Italy, Milan April 18th 2017

Pére Dodu “Cordon Bleu” & “Filets de Poulet” for EDDI directed by Stephane Berla

World of Mouse commercial for James Patterson

ETISALAT “Zero Upfront” commercial directed by Declan Whitebloom

Premiere Russia, Moscow Oct 22nd 2016

Yamaha MT09 & MT10 directed by Luigi Pane

Screening at the Cannes Film Festival May 11st 2016

International Premiere, Seychelles April 21st 2016

We Love School

Shooting of 4 commercials spots for James Patterson completed. Under supervision of Frank Nicolo, the creative producer the campaign was directed by Michael Brierley. First of four spots will be launched in June 2015 under name of the book “We Love School”

Ibalgin 400

Michael Brierley directed the latest IBALGIN 400 campaign for ZENTIVA/Sanofi. Creative agency was Publicis.


Zentiva Brand

David Sís directed the “Brand” campaign for ZENTIVA. You can watch the campaign in the Housereel.



Frank Nicolo

Frank Nicolo, former Creative Director JWT NY arrived in Prague to supervise the production of the latest James Patterson campaign directed by Michael Brierley.


TVC Campaign for James Patterson

Check out out latest TVC campaign, “Buy It, Kids are reading.”

Created by James Patterson and Frank Nicolo, the ad was produced by Petr Keller and Leopoldo Gout, and directed by Michael Brierley.

New Lay’s campaign directed by amazing Angela & Ithyle


We have produced together with our US partner GrandLarge new Lay’s campaign for US market “Vote at DoUsAFlavour”. The campaign was created by ENERGY BBDO for PepsiCo. You can watch the campaign in the Credit section of this website or just click here

What Marketing & Media magazine said about us

Birthday on Set


Frank Nicolo celebrated his Birthday on the set of Book Burning.

Book Burning for James Patterson Publishing


Starlite Pictures produced together with Leopoldo Gout amazing campaign for James Patterson Publishing directed by Michael Brierley. The concept was created by Frank Nicolo. The campaign will be available to watch on our website in Fall 2014.

Aldabra, 3D version is completed!


The movie, tells the story of one of the most incredible places on Earth. It is the tale of an atoll, which has risen from the sea six times in the past, only to vanish beneath the waves time after time, taking all life with it. The atoll has always resurfaced and taken on board new generations of amazing creatures. You will be able to watch the life stories of those Aldabra atoll residents in the cinemas in the coming future.


Starlite Pictures produced new campaign for JUPIK Drink, the product of Kofola CzechoSlovakia a.s. Three TV commercials holding a motto “Don’t restrain your ideas” are the Forest, The Water Slide and the Mountain Board were directed by Michael Brierley. The creative agency was RUST. You can watch the campaign in the credit section on this website.

PF 2014

Best wishes for a Merry Christmas and prosperous New Year!

Launch of the new webpages for ALDABRA 3D movie

Visit our new webpages and



We bring you some interesting footage we shot while filming the advertising campaign LUNCH BAR for JAR

Wrote about us


Article in Sales and Marketing Media.



Czech film Aldabra heads to the United States


In mid July producer Petr Keller and director Steve Lichtag met with a team of story and script consultants, all of whom have worked on many of Disney’s classic films, to finalize the edit and script for Aldabra 3D. This creative team was pulled together by Don Hahn, who co-produced Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and was producer on Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King. The team included Kirk Wise, who co-directed Beauty and the Beast and Hunchback of Notre Dame, and David Reynolds, the screenwriter who co-wrote Finding Nemo, for which he was nominated as a co-writer for an Oscar. Executive producer Leopoldo Gout and Associate Producer Scott Watts were also part of the team. More pictures, for more information go to our FB pages.

Visit in Prague ZOO


In early July, arrived in Prague zoo a former president of the Republic of Seychelles Sir James Mancham giant tortoises to support giant tortoises in washed-up pavilion. Now he is also one of the ambassadors who promotes to the world the Czech film Aldabra. More pictures, for more information go to our FB pages.


New campaign for South Africa

Our company provided service for the Velocity production from South Africa. The campaign for Kraft Foods was a big adventure with the fighter plains, military Tanks and a lot of WWll soldiers. You can find some pics from the shoot here or on our Facebook. See the complete commercial and footage.

Radegast “Protector”

Starlite Pictures produced together with the advertising agency RUST new advertising campaign for Radegast brewery. At this time the TV commercial was directed by acclaimed Irish director Des Mullan. For viewing, click here.


Aldabra web site is opening soon –

Towards the end of last year our company had the unique opportunity to produce sequences for a film by internationally renowned singer, producer and composer The 7x Grammy winner visited Prague not just to shoot scenes for his latest film but to record music with the Czech Symphony Orchestra in Studio Smečky. For more information keep tabs on us via Facebook.


PF 2013

A lot of joyful moments in the New Year 2013.

3-D feature film on Aldabra in the making

The final stage of shooting of three-dimension feature film on Aldabra has been completed. Read an article about the shooting at

Le Kir Royal anchored at Aldabra

Le Kir Royal anchored around 5 p.m. on the 23rd October a 1km off Aldabra Atoll at Picard. Our authentic pictures show how rough was the journey to reach Aldabra and the adventure to shoot the 3D movie not only with sharks. You can also follow us day by day on Facebook.

Aldabra – Forgotten world, the shooting of the 3D feature-length film continues…

On the 20th October, at the completion of the pre-shoot on the Seychelles Islands, the film crew boarded the vessels, Le Kir Royal and Twin Spirit at Port Victoria, located in the Indian Ocean. The crew were taken to the Aldabra Atoll to continue with the 3D feature-length film, “Aldabra, The Forgotten World Shoot”. You will find the footage here.


We bring you some interesting footage we shot while filming the advertising campaign for Staropramen

Staropramen „Sarka”

Starlite Pictures serviced the latest Staropramen Brewery campaign for Serbian market. The director was Jim Weedon from London. The production company was Red Production from Belgrade and the advertising agency is the Passion Communications of the Staropramen brewery.

Interview with Michael Havas, co-author of Aldabra script, in Radiožurnál

An interview with Michael Havas, co-author of 3D movie “Aldabra – the lost world” was held in radio program HOST RADIOŽURNÁLU on Wednesday, September 12th. Michael was talking about the atoll Aldabra, somalian pirates, who defeated his plans and ethical problems of documentarists in today’s world.
You can listen the interview when you click here.

Staropramen campaign for Serbia

Starlite Pictures serviced the latest Staropramen Brewery campaign for Serbian market. The director was Jim Weedon from London. The production company was Red Production from Belgrade and the advertising agency is the Passion Communications of the Staropramen brewery.
You can watch the Alchemist spot when you click here. The next commercial film of the campaign will be coming soon on our website, FB and YouTube.

MAYA’S DUGONG VESSEL – the new home for our film crew

Maya’s Dugong is going to be for few weeks the home for our film crew while shooting 3D movie on the Aldabra Atoll

Starlite Pictures shot Staropramen TV campaign for Serbian market

On our web pages you will soon see a new TV campaign Staropramen brewery, which we filmed for the Serbian market.

The 3D movie making Aldabra continues bellow the sea level at the island of Bali

The film crew went to Bali including director Steve Lichtag, cameraman Miroslav Hrdy, stereographer Pavel Nedved and engineer Pavel Faustus. By the island of Bali are filmed some footages for underwater 3D film Aldabra produced by company Starlite Pictures, which together with TwinStar Film and Mr. Robert Schneider formed an alliance TwinStarlite.


It took a coral atoll in the Indian Ocean to create a new film-making constellation in Prague. Petr Keller of Starlite Pictures and Steve Lichtag of Twin Star Pictures have just announced their decision to forge a stellar alliance and pool their considerable resources. “No, we didn’t decide to do this because of the word STAR in our company names,” said Lichtag. “We have known each other for 15 years but it was only recently that we began working together on ALDABRA, a 3D feature film on the world’s most forgotten coral atoll. This is how we discovered our unique synergies. Petr Keller explained that it had taken him several years to obtain permission from the Seychelles government to film on this UNESCO heritage site, one of the most pristine natural reserves in the world. “Call this an obsession if you like but Aldabra is very special to me and I knew that the only film director in the Czech Republic who could pull this off was Steve.”

“The link“ between this intention is Robert Schneider, a successful Czech businessman who is convinced that Project ALDABRA reflects cultural values, which he can identify with.

Both companies realise the need for a solid commercial base; Petr Keller’s Starlite has made an international name for itself as one of Central Europe’s leading producers of commercials and has also produced several feature films. Steve Lichtag, who has won countless international awards as an underwater filmmaker, will contribute Twin Star’s cutting edge technology. Together, the two companies plan to move to new congenial premises where they will pamper their clients with creativity and first class production values. And develop more home-grown projects like Aldabra!

Nescafe „Assistant“

NescafeBrand new commercial for Nescafe Classic and Nescafe Classic Crema directed by Sven Harding. Advertising Agency is PUBLICIS. To watch the commercial click here.

SAZKA “Super JJ”

„Super JJ“ is called the third commercial spot from the latest SAZKA campaign we have produced in Philadelphia with the main hero Jaromir Jagr. It is available on our website when you click here.

Starlite Pictures announce exclusive 3D feature documentary project

ALDABRA – THE LOST WORLD will be shot on location (and underwater) on Aldabra Atoll in the Seychelles. The film will feature 150 000 giant tortoises, the world´s largest robber crabs and hundreds of sharks riding the fastest tides in the world.
Aldabra is a UNESCO heritage site.
Download PDF file

SAZKA Making of

When you click here you can watch how we have shot the latest campaign for SAZKA in Philadelphia.

SAZKA Fireman

Starlite and Proximity Advertising Agency shot another set of commercials for the new campaign of the Czech Lotto SAZKA. The main hero of the campaign was again the Czech famous ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr. The films have been shot in Philadelphia.
To watch the commercials click here.

Making of Sazka

Philadelphia 31.10.2011
Making of movie

Merry christmas and happy and prosperous year 2012

Sazka (Czech Lotto)

Starlite together with the advertising agency Proximity Prague has just shot a new TV campaign for SAZKA (Czech Lottery) . The campaign is featuring the famous Czech ice hockey player Jaromir Jagr. The series of the TV commercials was shot in Philadelphia where Jaromir Jagr plays for the NHL ice hockey club Flyers. The director is talented duo called ROLLOUT, Petr Nemecek and Jan Cabalka. You can watch the first commercial of the whole series when you click here. The other spots will follow. You can also look at the pictures from the shoot when you click here.
To see a short film about the shooting please click here.

George Michael music video

“Starlite Productions” and the London company “Bikini Films” have shot a new music video of the pop singer George Michael. The video is for the song called “Where I Hope You Are” from his upcoming new album. The director of the music video is again Andy Morahan. You will be able to watch the video on our website soon.

Horky prachy

The company “Starlite Productions” made a 12-episode series called “Horký Prachy” (Hot Money) that was aired on TV Prima in the period June-August 2011. At the moment, the second season of the series is being prepared. The programme was hosted by its co-author Peter Novotný and by Diana Kobzanová. The produces are Peter Keller and Miro Lukáč. You will find more information about the programme on the website, where you can watch all previous episodes.


Starlite production together with the Belgium partner LOVO Films filmed the new campaign NANA for Libresse. The director was very talented Anne-Marie Vandeputte.
You can watch the commercial films when you click here.

Radio Impuls

Starlite production produced new campaign famous radio station IMPULS. The director was young and talented David Chvatal.
You can watch the commercial films when you click here.

Theraflu, Invisible Fight

Theraflu, Invisible Fight The concept for promotion of Novartis’ Theraflu product was developed by Saatchi & Saatchi New York and the films were directed by Howard Greenhalgh. Starlite Productions produced the campaign together with a partner company Mustard London. To watch the commercial click here.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2011!

Raiffeisen “Who’s talking?” on the Building Society…

The Raiffeisen Building Society communicates it product in a very funny manner with the help of babies that actually “talk”. The creative specification was established by the agency Underline, which entrusted Karel Janak of Starlite Productions with direction. You can view the advertising spot, if you click here.

Wind Mobile “Naughty or Nice”

The Christmas campaign very positively communicates the offer of the company Wind Mobile from Toronto, which says “… you can have it but you got to be nice!” The creative concept was developed by the agency Clean Sheet, also from Toronto. The campaign was directed by Danish director Martin Aamund. You can view the advertising spot, if you click here.

T-Mobile “Chuck Norris on Christmas in Prague!”

The main role in the Christmas campaign of he company T-Mobile in the Czech Republic cast to American actor Chuck Norris, who we know from the film “Way of the Dragon”, where he played together with Bruce Lee, or from the well-known TV series “Walker Texas Ranger”.
You can see all that can happen to such a hero in the Czech Republic at Christmas time, if you click here. The creative concept is the work of the agency Saatchi & Saatchi Prague. We entrusted Canadian director Marc Sidelsky with direction. Click here.

Tesco “Clubcard”

The new Tesco Clubcard TV Commercial is on air now. Clubcard is a new benefit program for the Tesco clients. The commercial has been shot on locations in Prague by the Dutch director Joeri Holsheimer in Starlite Productions for the advertising agency Leo Burnett. It is a poetic subtle story and its impact is supported by the great composed soundtrack. To see both versions 45s and 30s and a short film about the shooting please click here.

Prague – „Tourists recommend Prague“

Together with the agency Onyx, Starlite Production created a commercial film to promote Prague, the capital of Czech republic. Jakub Sluka took command as director. The commercial was produced in English, Czech, Chinese, French, Slovak and Turkish. You can see the commercial on foreign channels or if you click here. And you can see how the commercial was shot here.

T-mobile Blow a horn with us!

Saatchi & Saatchi advertising company and Starlite Production company along with Director Frank Vroegop created a popular television commercial Blow a horn with us,” promoting the Twist T-mobile prepaid card. You can see the 60’ and 30’ commercial and film as well on how the commercial was shot here.


We are proud to present you our brand new jingle for the PIAF – Prague international advertising festival, the most ambitious festival of advertising, which will be held form 19 thtill 21 st May in Prague.
The jingle was created by upcoming star of the Czech animation Denisa Abrhamova in cooperation with amazing 3D VFX artist Denisa Mrackova.
You can watch the commercial spot when you click here.


The new advertisement for Ibalgin by the director duo Frédéric and Valentin Potier had been shot under the creative leadership of Jana Mihovičová and the agency Ogilvy. One-day intensive shooting took place at the Airport Ruzyně as well as in a cockpit of a ČSA plane.
The talented son of Frédéric Potier, Valentin, shot, among others, his successful short debut in 2007 called Tony Zoreil, which won awards at many film festivals around the world.
You can watch the advert spot for Ibalgin here.

Jacobs Krönung

Frédéric Potier also took charge of direction of the campaign for Jacobs Krönung with a new intensive aroma. A pleasant atmosphere of the spot as well as its creative processing was a result of creativity of Oto Klempíř from JWT. The individual objects and small figures that are “floating” in the smell of coffee over heads of four friends had been shot separately on a green screen, and postproduction work for the advertisement spot had been done by the studio UPP. You can watch the Jacobs Krönung ad if you click here, the directors cut here and you can also look at the photographs from the shooting here.


A strong trio of authors – Tereza Svěráková, Creative Director of the agency Leagas Delaney, director Denisa Abrhnámová, and animator Denisa Mráčková – created a playful advertisement spot for a mineral water Rajec with a new refreshing flavour of linden and chestnut. Taste it here.

Parliament Election 2010

Jiri Langpaul, the creative director of the advertising agency Ogilvy & Mather, brought the idea how to instigate and invite people to come to the Parliament Election 2010. The campaign was directed by ROLLOUT (Petr Němeček and Jan Cabalka) and produced by Starlite Production Prague. The campaign will be presented at the Young Director Award during the Lions Festival in Cannes 2010. We wish ROLLOUT to win the competition for directing!

More about the whole project you can find on the website and the spot itself you can watch when you click here.

Raiffeisen Bank Serbia

This is the second wave of a successful series of commercials under the slogan “Magic Moments”. The audience is already introduced to the main protagonist and his magical experiences when using his credit card. Unexpected positive situations, “magic moments” happen to our main character when taking out his Visa credit card to pay. In a bar, travel agency, on vacation. In the end, a twist happens, the magic changes to the girl he likes. Signing off with Raiffeisen Visa Credit card – Not an ordinary card, our product is established as a starting point and a necessity for good things in our lives.
Link to EFMA web site is here.


Directing duo Petr Němeček & Jan Cabalka (DOP) known under the nickname ROLLOUT shot with Starlite a successful campaign for the Everlast company. The advertising and communication agency was Konektor Prague with the creative director Martin Charvát.
You can watch the commercial spot when you click here.